This is a 5 minutes escape game. Thank you!

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GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsEscape Game, Point & Click


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Very clever game

Aaaand I'm stuck :-) Not user what to do with what's in the box, with the puppet and with the symbols on the window ... either I suck or perhaps it's too obscure ;)

I got stuck in the same place  and, while messing around with the keypad code entry and seeing what pictures I could make with the shapes, figured out the next step by accident. So my hint is: play around with that keypad, see what shapes you can make, and if there's anything in the room that looks like those shapes. 

Hint for the shapes: picture on the door. Thank you

<slight spoilers follow>

@jim-ar, got that one indeed, but didn't get further after opening the black box. Totally missed that the puzzel box had two sides though, got it now, nice hint the puppet gave btw! Now trying to find out what I should do after lighting the candle.

just combine the clue on the window with the shapes on the wall -)